Sunday, March 05, 2017

Jim Sterling: Trademark Strike

Jim Sterling: Trademark Strike
When I saw Leonard French's title and video, I thought, Here we go again. Didn't we just go through this with Digital Homicide?
So, when a copyright claim isn't working anymore, developers are now using trademark claims to shut critics up. Really, STICLI? This is a low blow for even these devs. And, it is very sad that they're so scared of criticism.
Check out Jim Sterling's rather funny review. It is still up despite the trademark claim.
Since I work at the airport, the last thing I ever want to play is a freaking Airport Simulator. Do you want to play this game? Comments are disabled, but I did dislike their video for the sheer principle of it.

This is getting really getting pathetic. This will make people not want to buy their game and poison the well for the rest of their games in the pipeline. If I were Jim Sterling, I'd sued the hell out out of them. And, this opens them up to a lawsuit anyway.

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