Friday, July 29, 2016

The Golden Child: The Knife

The Golden Child: The Knife
I will let you in on something. I like The Golden Child. I think it is all because of Eddie Murphy. This is above is my favorite scene in the movie because it sums up Eddie Murphy's role completely. I love when he does the “I want the knife...please?” and he raises his arms like a child. 
The half-assed bow and the stomping are great. Plus, he says, “that's the dude who took my money.”
IF you say this “I want the knife...please” to an 80s kid, they'll know what you're talking about.
Here's the best part. The Knife Eddie Murphy gets from the trials is the same knife that plays a big part in the shitty movie The Shadow. How Did This Get Made discovered that when they discussed the movie. So, is the Shadow a prequel to The Golden Child? The same knife shows up in an Uncharted game too. Here's the best part; the knife is very much a real thing! It is a Phurba knife base on Buddhism, which makes sense.

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