Sunday, July 17, 2016

Madea vs. Hallooween : Boo! A Madea Halloween trailer

Madea vs. Hallooween : Boo! A Madea Halloween trailer
At this point, these Madea movies are like the Ernest Goes to Bum-F franchise movies. Is she going to fight a troll next? I know that these movies aren't made for me, but this series looks like it is going to jump the shark with this entry, however that last movie was really-really bad. 
The trailer is so bad that it repeats a joke twice, but it was only mildly funny the first time. (She punches a clown in a jack in the box. However, that was inspired by a bunch of viral videos.)
It feels more like a spoof making fun of Madea movies.  It feels more like a Scooby-Doo movie than anything else. 
Honestly the Madea movies feel like Earnest movies.
Diary of a Mad Black Woman : I guess Madea takes on diaries.
Madea Goes to Jail : Literally an Ernest title.
I Can Do Bad All by Myself
Madea's Big Happy Family
Madea's Witness Protection : Madea saves Witness Protection?
A Madea Christmas : Madea saves Christmas?
Madea's Tough Love 

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