Tuesday, July 12, 2016

ID4-2: Does anyone even care

ID4-2: Does anyone even care
Remember how hype there was for the first movie? Back in the day, everyone wanted to talk about it from TV shows to your stupid co-workers. Will Smith really shined in one of his early movie roles. I got none of that feeling for the second movie.
If this movie came out ten years earlier, I think it would have been a bigger reaction here in North America. My younger BIG movie self would have flocked to this movie because I loved the first one. However, my older cynical self could care less about this sequel and will only see it On Demand. It says something that the only movies I see in the theater these days are the Marvel movies. It doesn't capture me.
Itis interesting to ID4 Resurgence only made 92 million dollars inNorth America, and it made only 41 million in its opening week. No one in NA really cares about a movie doesn't need a sequel, and plus there isn't any Will Smith in it. Despite his decline in starring power, people would have flocked to the theater to see Bill Willie fighting aliens. And, clearly Fox knew ID4-2 wasn't going to perform well here and they pushed their marketing toward the overseas markets. Foreign box office for this movie has it grabbing 186 million, thus making this movie a hit against a modest production budget of 165 million. The reason I say modest is because a movie this big would cost around 200 million.
Given the American focus of the first movie, I find it amusing that foreign money saved this sequel from being a flop. Compare it to the first movie, domestic gross for this movie was 306 million, where as the second will barely reach 100 if that.
In addition, the domestic reviews haven't been kind to this movie. The second movie has a score of 32% while the original has a 61%. Ouch...
Was this sequel even needed? Did it come out too late for anyone to care?

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