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Sulu is gay? Wait, what?

Sulu is gay? Wait, what?
This is going to be revealed in the new Trek movie.
I joked about Sulu being gay. Actually, George Takei is gay and a gay activists. However, the character he plays is straight in the main universe. Heck, Sulu even gets misty eyed with Ilia in an cut scene in some versions of TMP. Takei has said that he always played him straight. I am all about having gay rights and gay characters, but does it make sense in the overall Trek universe? I can see Takei's POV too. 
From, ((“I liked the approach, which was not to make a big thing out of it, which is where I hope we are going as a species, to not politicize one’s personal orientations,” Cho told the newspaper. ))
However, I can see Mundane Matt view of the outing of Sulu though. It is a progressive view of this Sulu. And, he made me change my view. He's guy in this universe and that's fine, so let's move on. That's the whole point of the Trek movies is to support diversy and not really make it a big deal because its normal in this future.
And, it gets interesting when you consider that Sulu had a daughter that helms Enterprise-B. (Demora Sulu ) How did that work out? Is Sulu from the Prime Universe gay? He is supposed to have a daughter in this new timeline too and it might be Demora. I could go into how no matter how much you change things in the trek universe certain people and events stay the same, if not shifted in time. I find all this very interesting. 

Side Note:
Here's that rather amusing Sulu/Ilia scene, which was cut out of the theatrical cut of the movie. (BTW, Decker is trolling Sulu) Oh, and this scene contains certain things about her race that were supposed to play a bigger part in the story when TMP was a TV series. Ilia turned into Troi in TNG more or less. (Decker became Riker)
Also, please note the old TOS sound effects thrown in for this scene.

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