Thursday, July 14, 2016

Get outta the car (Karr)

Man, that was intense. Given that I have health problems, blowing up like that will cause some serious issues. I think BOTH people in this incident are to blame. And, yes the guy does sound like an angry Seth Rogen, but looks like Mark Bunker.
-Waiting for a pickup: This happens all the time. People will request a car and keep you waiting for minutes. Then, they'll tell you to rush because they are in a hurry. Obey the traffic laws because the rider won't be paying for your ticket.
-Was she using the rideshare as an EMS? : Please. call 911 Uber and Lyft can be sued for certain things. This seems to be a growing trend of people using rideshare services as ER pickups.
-The Driver should have kept cool and professional: He played this completly wrong. You keep your cool and just drive her to the front of the ER entrance. If she gave you major problems, there are report icons for each trip. Report her, plus giving her one-star means you will never see her again. Keep your cool, because you will have some troubled rides. Never ever lose control.
-Passive aggressively baiting him: She is completely playing a game with him. She's baiting him into blowing up even more for the camera. He should have realized she was baiting him into getting angrier and angrier. By asking stupid questions, she kept roping him in.
-BTW, you do have the right to call the police. There have been many times when police officers have removed drunk and dangerous riders from calls.
I am certain he lost his job However, I think Uber should keep him on though. Just tell him to act professionally. This woman was clearly baiting him. We've all had some bad rides, but the great ones always outweigh the bad ones.

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