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Anton Yelchin RIPD

Anton Yelchin RIPD
Due to all my personal issues and the terrorists attacks, I had no idea he passed away. I only heard about it on a Doug Loves Movies Podcast recently. So, I jumped on my phone and saw it on Google. It was a total shock. He played Pavel Chekov in the JJ Abrams Star Trek movies. I had literally just watched the 2009 Star Trek movie and his character came to my mind because he was better written in the reboot than the one on the main show. Even though the timeline is changed, I wasn't sure his character fit in with him being an ensign. I always felt he should have been a first year cadet. However, Kirk joined Star Fleet at an older age than Kirk Prime.
His death was a total strange accident. He was killed by his own car. Despite being parked, the car rolled over and pinned him. That is strange, but there was a recall on the car.
From The Hollywood Report, ((The accident happened around 1:10 a.m. at Yelchin's home in Studio City, LAPD spokeswoman Jenny Houser told The Hollywood Reporter. "It appears he momentarily exited his car and it rolled backward, causing trauma that led to his death," said Houser.  ))
It is strange that the old actor (Walter Koenig ) outlived this kid. And, it gets even more sad when you realize Koenig outlived his own son. His son committed suicide.
From, ((Koenig, 79, told the Hollywood Reporter that although he only met Yelchin once, the young man made an impression on him.
We spoke on a sound stage for about two hours,” Koenig said in a statement. “His reputation as an artist preceded him, however. I knew I was in the presence of a gifted performer.”))
I had very little interest in seeing Star Trek Beyond, but I may see it now. 

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Despite being a very young actor and a truly rising star, Anton Yelchin was still a very professional, reliable and friendly star that was always ready for some good jokes and fun. Known for playing Chekov in the new Star Trek movies, Anton Yelchin was already a fan favorite and he managed to impress the people around him unlike never before. He managed to bring an entirely new, interesting and fun take on the coveted character and many people loved him quite a bit thanks to his charisma.

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