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Game of Thrones Season Finale: The Winds of Winter

Game of Thrones Season Finale: The Winds of Winter
 This season was a good a way of seeing the show wrap up lingering story lines and paying off ones that were set up. The finale was the icing on the GOT cake (pun intended). A great of speculation was paid off this season. And, we got to see where the White Walkers came from. It feels like the show is heading for series finale.
What an epic finale to a rich season!
 -Enter Queen Cersei: Major villains are killed off and others are brought forward and she is now one of them. I honestly didn't see this turn of events happening this way, but it makes sense. She has nothing to lose now and that makes her even more dangerous. Now, she has complete control over the armies despite the fact two kingdoms are in rebellion. I can't wait to see where they take her character.
-Wildfire Explosion: It is tragic to see this group of characters die off, but it is very effective to watch due to the nice directing and editing. The actual explosion was effective too and calls back to 9/11. And the subtle screams in the background are a small touch. This was simply a cool scene all around with some tragic notions. We all knew it was going to happen, but it was a nice payoff.
-So ends the Faith Militant: They go out with a bang literally. I am guessing there won't be much of a blow-back for this attack. The Queen probably blamed the people from the north or something. 
  -King Tommen RIP: This was also an well directed scene too. He takes off his crown and merely jumps out of his window, thus killing himself. It is very understandable that he did such a thing. He just watched the woman he loved get vaporized , plus a ton of people he knew. With the Mountain holding him back, he knew that his mother had something to do with terror attack. He has a total expression of confusion and sadness when that place explodes. The actor does a good job with his final scene. Shocking and brilliant.
-All three kids are gone: She has lost all of her children now. This makes her a bigger enemy now than ever before. Plus, she is now the full rulers of the realm. Her fate was sealed.
-King of the North 2.0 (Jon Snow): Well, we saw what happened to the first KOTN. Jon Snow even dresses similar to Rob Stark now. Will he be betrayed like his "half" brother? It is good to see the northern houses finally take the White Walker threat seriously and unifying behind Jon Snow. I hope King of the North 2.0 has better luck. And, he's a legit king...really.
-Leave, Red Witch (Melisandre): I almost thought Davos was going to kill Melisandre right there. He had every right to given that he treated that little girl like his very own daughter. Plus, Shireen taught him how to read and made him a better person. Sir Davos is rightfully pissed. Liam Cunningham and Carice van Houten play that scene great together. Jon let her live because she did bring him back to life.
-Lady Olenna is the shit: She puts all three Dorne warrior ladies in their place by insulting them all in one rant. I love this old lady.
-Jon Snow is high born: Everyone knew this was going to happen. We know what really happened with Lyanna, and clearly Ned Stark is too honorable to cheat on his wife and sire a bastard child. This was all made up to protect him. Jon had to go through his whole life being treated as a bastard and only a few people knew his real background. That is tragic, but he earned his place anyway as a ruler, just with a harder route. 


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