Saturday, July 09, 2016

Midnight's Edge's full video on the Ghostbusters reboot

Midnight's Edge's full video on the Ghostbusters reboot
Midnight's Edge did a truly great job covering and researching the behind the scenes stuff going on with the movie. Here's the thing; I actually LIKE what I heard about the plot of the movie. But, I am torn because I loved the first movie and really-really enjoyed the story in the video game and respect the cartoon shows.
The Sony leaks do shed some light into some of the bullshit that went down with Ivan Reitman. They sort of pushed him out in the same manner they did with the whole Spider-Man 4 business with Raimi. Sony really has some reboot/remake issues to deal with. The party icident seems like a very petty thing to do to Reitman. Working with Marvel might just keep Sony afloat and the PS4.
While I have some issues with Reitman, it is very telling that he is the one with the most measured response to the negative hate. He hasn't thrown out insults like Trump Supporters or other nerd bashing statements. He's taken both sides of the fence and simply told fans to wait and watch the final product like I will. (I am a HUGE fan of the franchise, but I am willing to give the movie a chance). And, I have new respect for the man. I can forgive you for My Super Ex-Girlfriend. That movie hasn't aged well at all.

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