Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Alex Jones vs. TYT

Alex Jones vs. TYT
I know it sounds like an Epic Rap Battle of History episode, but this is actually real. Check it out.
Cenk vs. Alex Jones, two big guys going at it. BTW, check out Cenk's reaction when Alex Jones crashes the show. Jones is a total dick and no one invited him on. Jones lied about being asked to be on the show. Cenk should have kept his cool when Jones baited him. Like that Rideshare guy yelling at that woman, you need to know when you're being baiting into losing your cool.
I love that even Alex Jones' own video contradicts what he claims what happened earlier in the video.
Alex Jones is a total jackass, and Ana Kasparian makes it worst when she starts yelling. She talks about fat shaming all the time, and she calls Alex Jones a fat-fuck. What about fat shamming? Isn't Cenk the same size as Jones?
However, the worst person out of this incident is the unfunny comedian Jimmy Dore. When TYT was in the right in this incident, Dore took a sip of his water and spit it in Jones' face. WTF? That's not how you win arguments. When you are worst than Alex Jones, that's pretty low.

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