Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Worst Video-game Covers

Worst Video-game Covers
Okay, all of the Sega Master System VG covers are total shit and completely boring. All SMS covers were this bland white covers with some small art. Nintendo had way better covers, and I am a Sega guy. 
 Stone Cold Steve Austin on the cover? 
 I could make a joke here, but I won't.  But, TransBot?  Really?  Hasbro is gonna sue. 

Phalanx:  I remember the random picture of the banjo guy on the cover . Why is he there? Is he a grandfather to one of the development team member? They admitted they added the banjo guy to the VG cover to grab attention because all space shooter games were starting to look the same (IE R-Type clones). However, you have to add the banjo guy to the damn game now.  I want to see the space ships attack a giant banjo guy as a final boss. 
The worst cover I believe is the Guy Game cover. The host-guy looks like he's cutting a fart on the collection of hot girls.
Mega Man (US Cover): Who was this old man on the cover. Nintendo seemed to really screw up Capcom's iconic character...even on their cartoon show.

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