Thursday, June 19, 2014

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts
~It been a better week overall. Still kind of pissed, but better...
~My Little Pony and Chrono Trigger: Somehow this YouTube Poop works as a nice remix.
I still haven't got a clue why grown men are really into My Little Pony. This works and here is the remix from piano.
Nice move, JJ.  That was very neat.  
~Jedi Hunters in the new Star Wars movie?: There are reports that there will be Jedi Hunters, which use lightsabers. I am really loving everything that's coming out about these movies in rumor form. First, some of the old cast will be returning, and then they will be using actual sets and locations instead of green screens. I hope this rumor is true.

~Even more Sonic 3/Michael Jackson involvement: I will be writing story about MJ's involvement in Sonic 3's music with some new info being released.  

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