Sunday, June 29, 2014

Casino Pooper: He left some of his own brown chips on the floor. (yuck)

Casino Floor: This guy is the shit...literally
Warning, do not click on the link at work or if you don't like seeing a grown man taking a shit on a floor.
I won't place the video on this blog, because it has nudity and it does involve close encounter of the brown kind. But, I do have some questions.
Was the winning streak so good that he couldn't break himself away for restroom break?
How does someone poop on the floor like that?
Was the poop a form of currency for the casino? A peace offering?
Was he not aware that there are cameras everywhere in casinos?
I love that he drops the poop on the floor, doesn't wipe, and goes back to the slot machine. It also looks like he checks his phone before doing his duty. He then proceeds to leave as if nothing happened.
I mean really. Who the f' does this?

By the way, it looks like they didn't catch this guy from what the voice over guy says on the video.  

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