Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dov Charney, how to get fired from your own company

Dov Charney, you stupid fool
Well, Steve Jobs managed to get fired from Apple.  
I've wrote some post about American Apparel in the past. In the strange ad campaigns, I never understood why you would focus on people getting naked when your whole job is getting people clothed. He would hire pornstar, who's whole job was getting naked, to promote their clothing company. (I'm all for more Faye Reagan AA ads, but it just seems counter-clothing to me.)
To put it frankly, the guy comes across as being a douche. There were a lot of stories of sexual harassment and stories of him going around his office naked.
Now, he's gotten himself into so much trouble that AA finally fired his ass...literally his “ass”. From Newsweek.com, ((He also sometimes provided corporate apartments to friends and stayed in them himself when he wasn’t on company business, according to this person. ))
Yes, that's bit of a problem. But...this douche hipster has a video going around with him completely naked in front of other employees at work.
What the hell lead up to this douche getting naked? In what universe is it okay to stroll around naked at work?  
There was also information surfacing about Dov letting some photos be released. From NY Times, ((The company’s board learned early this year that Mr. Charney had known of an employee’s plans to publish naked photographs of a former American Apparel worker, Irene Morales, on the Internet. ))
Everything about this guy seems sleazy. Heck even porn producers would say he's doing too much. Anyway, he's going to have to look for another job...with his clothes on. If you believe in karma, this is payback for being such a sleaze.

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