Friday, June 27, 2014

Random Things

Random Things
~New Sight new day: I've gotten my new glasses and I am really digging them. While most people are saying I look scholarly in them, I certainly don't feel it. However, my eye sight is better. I can see further than before. I made it a point to not get hipster glasses or Malcolm X versions. 
 ~Reading Rainbow Rebirth?: I know that a lot of people give Seth MacFarlane a lot of shit over the years, but he did something good this time with giving 1 million bucks to the kickstarter program. I grew up watching RR and it probably got me into writing and imagination. The app will be able to be used over many classrooms for free now. I am glad they're bringing this show back.
~Shia LaBeouf, what are you doing, man? 
 ~Pocket dialing: I pocket dialed my brother last week and didn't know it. I was listening to Sonic the Hedgehog remixes at the time, so he got to listen to a lot music on his voice mail. He sent me a text being totally baffled by what he heard. That was when I realized what I had done. I'm always worried I might pocket dial someone while watching porn...loudly. That wouldn't be good for anyone. Keep your phone on lock-down for real. 
 ~Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy leave the view: I've never been a fan of either Shepherd or McCarthy. But, I've come to really hate McCarthy more over the years. She claims to be funny and sexy, but people for her version of “Freddy Got Fingered” Dirty Love. Yes, she wrote and starred in that piece of crap. Then there is the anti-vaccine movement she's involved in that really pisses me off. I can't believe people follow her bullshit. I really can't stand her at all. Why did they hire her for the view?

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