Sunday, June 22, 2014

Andrea the Beach attacker

Andrea the Beach attacker
This 17 year old was flying his drone around the beach taking videos of the scenery. Some woman sunbathing, look I don't know the proper term because I'm black and we don't usually sit out in the sun to get darker. That just happens just standing out in the sun.
The smartest thing this kid did was record himself, because he would have went to jail instead of her. They would have taken her word over his, but the camera doesn't lie. I love she puts in a wrestling move that The Rock would jealous. “I'm going to beat your ass,” she says.
I'm sure passerby folk thought they were just making out, just a little rougher.  This lady has some serious strengh.  She nearly rips off his shirt...Hulk Hogan style.    
She had an ax to grind, so she took on this teenager. I am usually for someone taking on a pervert, when justified. But, this woman seems to really want to put this kid in jail no matter the cost. I'm all for public shaming strange perverts, but you picked the wrong horse in this fight. (I'm mixing metaphors aren't I?)
The right way...
From, ((left New Haven Superior Court after agreeing to apply for accelerated rehab, which is essentially a probationary period where she can’t get into any more trouble, and then her charges would likely be dropped.

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Why am I hearing that rehab song in my head.  

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