Saturday, June 21, 2014

Guy punches Boost Mobile Store Clerk in the face

Guy punches Boost Mobile Store Clerk in the face
Yes, that was brutal. First off, this guy is a real scum bag and should get the shit beat out of him. You're going to punch a woman in the face to grab money. Most robbers threaten a person with violance in order to get what they want, but you had to take it a step further, asshole. I hope this guy rots in jail forever.
Second, this clerk should have had another person on the floor instead of in the back. Usually, you'll see a couple of worker inside a Gamestop working or talking to person. An unarmed lone robber isn't as likely to rob a place. She is also pregnant too.
After the police released the video, they did catch this guy.

From, ((Johnson was charged with felony battery, strong-arm robbery and burglary. He has a lengthy history of arrests for forgery and grand theft dating back to 1990, according to court records. ))

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