Friday, February 01, 2013

Random Things

Random Things
~Girls on HBO: I’ve tried to watch the first season of the show On Demand, but I can’t seem to get past the characters. I really hate the characters, and I finish the episode. I will say I like that Lena Dunham is a the writer/producer/director of the show, and I like seeing someone willing to take their clothes off that doesn’t meet the Hollywood standard of body images.  Maybe it is because they seem like hipsters.  
~ATL Security Guard receives a large helping hand from Reddit users: Finally someone that is doing right in the community is receiving some help in the form of cash. Remember, this was the guy that tasered the woman that attacked him. He’s put up other videos where he’s confronted drug dealers and other thugs and hoodrats. They raised 10,000 for him. Well done, Reddit. We need more people standing up to these people tearing down our neighborhood.
~ “We’re in trouble.” I remember hearing this song on the Power Rangers movie, the first movie. There are two versions of this video one without PRs and one with them. Name of the group is Shampoo. They were a band from the 90s but disbanded in the 2000s. I guess they were in trouble.
~Office 365 Pay as you go: 365? What a original name given that your VG system is 360. The new Office from MS will cost you 99 bucks each year or the product only goes to “Read Only” . F' that. And, don't worry MS I have a 2000 version of Word and a full Open Office that I use anyway, so you won't be getting money from me. Did I mention how kick ass Open Office is? And, that I will be using their power point program tomorrow?
~Is EA next on the chopping block? They just suffered a 45 million dollar loss in profits. Remember, EA is one of the biggest NA videogame companies. And, THQ was just sold off to numerous companies recently too and TNQ was really hot for a while just like EA was.  It's in the game.


MC said...

Unfortunately Origin is still profitable.

Semaj said...

Man, those prices on that site are very high.

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