Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Left Behind with Nicolas Cage

How did it get burned?  
The reboot of Left Behind with Nicolas Cage (WTF?) poster is up. 
I am still hoping this is just a fake poster and just aping the style of Nic Cage’s other movie   Knowing.  Please tell me this is fake. 
I mean look at this poster.  It just says “cheap Nic Cage movie”.  It looks like any other poster for a Nic Cage movie.  
The original movie came out in 2000 staring resident nut job Kirk Cameron.  This time they brought in Hollywood nutjob Nic Cage.  I’d take a crazy Cage over Cameron any day.  However, is the world asking for a Rapture movie? 
“You know I haven’t seen any good Rapture movies lately.”  
I love the tagline "Some were saved.  Some were Left Behind."   I am hoping they're talking about the audiences watching this shit.  

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