Sunday, December 31, 2006

Matrix Reloaded Review Part 2 of 3

Another reason to watch Reloaded…

When the movie shifted toward the Matrix, the movie seemed to get better. I found the conversation between The Oracle and Neo to be wonderfully directed and full of charm. It was treat to see Gloria Foster’s her last performance in this movie. Some of the high concepts theories she discussed were a little confusing, but she carried the scene and made it believable. However, her role in the first movie was just a little better.

From there, Agent Smith enters and we see Neo fight hundreds of Smiths. One of the interesting things to come out of the first Matrix movie was the notion Agent Smith appeared to loose it with Morpheus. It was a clever way of showing that Agent Smith was becoming more than a program run by the Machines. With Neo freeing him, Smith became a virus and copied his program on anything in his path. Smith was pure chaos.

Another thing that I liked about the movie was the fact the Matrix wasn’t made up of just Agents vs. the Human hackers, but there were random programs running around the world as well. It gave the world shades of gray. The Merovingian program was also an interesting character, but he got short-shafted in the next film. Plus, who didn’t like the Ghost Twins.

Agent Smith: “So, when did the new T-1000 show up in this program?”

T2 (Agent Smith): “Skynet would kick The Matrix AI’s ass any day and anytime.”


Blayde said...

I think the Ghost twins we're the coolest thing to come out of the movie, especially in those Escalades.

Made you think, black dudes can't only be driving them and look wicked...

Semaj said...

Thanks true! I've heard the Twins could have been leftover Former Agents from one of the earlier Matrix programs.

It was ashame they didn't use them in the 3rd movie.

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