Friday, October 19, 2018

Remember the Red Shirt Guy?

Remember the Red Shirt Guy?
This was back in the day when you didn't need to pick sides in the culture wars and make fun of these dudes. I liked the Red Shirt Guy and his instant meme. Remember when memes were not weapons and just jokes? From the Wow Wiki, the original video happened in 2010 and I posted about this back in 2010. I am too lazy to look up my old post from eight years ago. Damn, eight years. 
He's like an upgraded Star Wars Kid.  
I wonder how the gaming press and the gaming public would view him today? Would they attack him for his nerd knowledge? Given the changes in fandom, it would be an interesting thing to view if he blew up today. Given the contempt content creators have for their fans or criticism, I wonder if their response would be different.
Anyway, I looked him up and it looks like Red Shirt Guy is doing extremely well for himself. Actually, he is doing far better than I. He works a writer for BlizzPlanet. He's doing what he loves and doesn't let his social issues hold him back...unlike say a Chris Chan.
Well done, Red Shirt Guy.  

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