Tuesday, October 30, 2018

I prefer you to be quiet: Reloaded

I prefer you to be quiet: Reloaded 

Back in 2014, this awkward moment was meme legendary.  The guy named Chibi wouldn’t shut up during a speed run and pissed off a nerdy James Franco.  Pew Die Pie did a video about this interesting moment back in 2017.   

Chibi, the guy that got shut down, came out with a video replying to PDP talking about the incident.  He gives more of a context into his actions and why he stayed on the couch with this asshole.  I would have cussed out the James Franco look-a-like and left the couch.  I generally have little time for assholes nowadays.   

I understand what Chibi is talking about.  I had to learn the hard way about social cues.  I had to learn that people weren’t interested in you talking.  I was an outsider too in high school.  However, I defended him back in the old post, but I believe Chibi is a bit of an ass too.  

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