Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Remember Microsoft Songsmith? (throwback)

Remember Microsoft Songsmith? (throwback)
2009, damn things were better back then. We had programs like this. I wrote about this strange MS programs years ago. The program became a meme of sorts because it poorly constructed “songs” around your voice. There were a bunch of videos taking real songs and mixing them with Songsmith.
Hey, I have nearly ten years of music knowledge and I could have thrown it away for a program called Songsmith.
Here's a parody video...
The two dudes that created this monster program actually star in the video.
I am too lazy to look up if these two guys are still working for M$. Nearly ten years later, you can download the program. Yes, the program is still up on the M$ page. Hey, try the free trial and ruin music.
To be fair, today's music does sound like it was created by Songsmith. Don't take my word for it...read the book. Uh, I mean watch the videos below.

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