Saturday, October 06, 2018

Jordan Hunt (The hut is off)

Jordan Hunt (The hut is off)
What is with grown men wearing skin tight pants? This (Nu) trend is terrible.
Look, I am a pro-choice guy. I believe life doesn't start at conception, but this “nu-male” kicker has me shaking my head. Just because someone doesn't agree with your stance means that you can you a spinning kick at them. Perhaps, this is the manner Hunt says goodbye to kicking them. Is this some 20-something greeting and goodbye?
Anyway, I really love this clip. And, it received meme-able attention. So much so, that he ended losing his job as a hairdresser (his hair looks like shit) and turning himself into police. I don't think the jackass should have lost his job, but the arrest is warranted. (Pun intended) Attacking the other side gives them more attention. Instead of combating their beliefs, you use actual combat and that doesn't help your cause.
Finish her!
Hairdresser Wins!  Flawless victory
Side Note: I love the woman with blue hair in the video. Beware of blue-haired people holding signs.

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