Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Key Fob Kelly

A woman blocks black man from entering his own apartment building. 

From ABC News, ((A white woman in St. Louis dubbed "Key Fob Kelly" by social media users is defending her actions in a new interview after videos of her trying to block a black man from entering his own apartment building went viral.)) 

It almost feels like the beginning of a horror movie or an intro to an interracial porn video.  AKA Blacked.   If this was a Blacked shoot, it would have ended with her entering his apartment and dropping her racist ways after sex.  I’m just saying.   

I love that she gets pissed when he walks right by her.  I also love the awkward ride in the turbolift.  I think she got fired from her job of watching the door.  I think she should have gotten a stern warning and talked to before firing her.  If she ended up doing it again, then fire her.   

She is clearly harassing this man and it gets worse when she follows him up to his apartment.  The dude did everything smoothly and to the point.  He gets major kudos for his behavior.  He didn't act a fool and just gave her straight answers.  

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