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Mark Waid in the water...the lawsuit

Mark Waid in the water...the lawsuit

Mark Waid getting sued has been a big over the geek-verse. To be frank, Waid was a major influence in my writing.  I still marvel at his amazing Kingdom Come masterpiece.  Lately, Waid has been known for spazzing out on Twitter and social media over bullshit like some dude in his 20s. He goes off on rants and shitposts as if he is...a blogger. Mark, you're in your late 50s stop letting every little thing piss you off. You are a highly acclaimed writer, you're better than some jobless teen getting their fedoras in a bunch on social media.
Instead of promoting social justice, let your work speak for yourself.
I generally hate when people have to settle disputes via the court system.   I really knocked the idea that Maddox sued his former co-hosts over bullshit.  However, Mark Waid pretty much did something underhanded.
Waid went behind the scenes and talked a publisher out of printing the comic.
After having a verbal agreement, AP pulled out.  The problem is Waid did leave imprints of his deed on Twitter bragging about "Convincing" AP to leave the project.  From what lawyers are saying this is very illegal and could get his employers in trouble.
From Bounding Into Comics, ((Meyer’s accusation of Tortious Interference with Contract cites his contract with Antarctic Press and the fact they were supposed to publish Jawbreakers and other comic books.The suit claims that “Waid either had knowledge of the contract or had knowledge of facts and circumstances that would lead a reasonable person to believe there was a contract in which Meyer had an interest.” It goes on to state, “Waid induced Antarctic Press to breach its agreement with Meyer.))
I think Waid needs to settle out of court and apologize to D&C and just take some weeks off from all social media. Just work on your damn books. You're living the dream.
Given I wanted to be a writer for nearly 16 years, I find it sad that one of the people I looked up to is now known for being a jackass and more about his Tweets and grandstanding. What has social media turned us into?

Side Note: I still recommend buying Kingdom Come by DC Comics.

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