Saturday, March 01, 2014


 Wow, Tom Cruise, you have made another movie that I actually enjoyed immensely. The story is part I Am Legend and part Moon. There is certainly style involved with the movie, but the director is squarely focused on plot and character. Watching the big twist unfold is a rewarding aspect. It has all the end of the world tropes, but I enjoyed this sci-fi movie. It mixes all the tropes in a good manner.
There will be spoilers in this review. Don't read the rest of this review with seeing the movie first.
I love the way the writers shatter Tech 49's (Cruise) world with a few well-directed scenes. First, the “Scavs” turn out to be humans. Second, his boss/ally wants to murder him. Third, he is one of millions of clones. I found the notion of these clones living in sections of the world to be the most interesting thing in the movie. Each zone is outlined by a radiation line, so that the Techs/Clones never meet.
Sure, Moon does a better job with clones meeting each other, but it adds something to the heavy plot. And, the I Am Legend (Will Smith version) is in full effect here. However, the conclusion to Oblivion is, if similar, more rewarding than the Will Smith movie. I also found it amusing that Oblivion works better an abandon Earth more than Will Smith's movie in 2013.
-Planet of the Apes: Yes, the degraded Statue of Liberty makes a cameo appearance. It is clearly a reference to that classic ending. I laughed when this happened.
-The Tet is an emotional AI: It actually enjoys being viewed in a religiously figure and gets angry. It also worth noting that the drones are implied to have emotions too. They scream and growl when they receive damaged.
-Andrea Riseborough does a great “stressed” expression most of the movie. Her character is highly flawed because she's programed to never leave the house. It also makes it more tragic when all the Techs/Jacks are free to roam the Earth, but the Victorias will starve to death in those houses.
-The Bubble Ship: Okay, the bubble ship is cool and has its moment to shine, but it looks like a damn penis ship.
Oblivion is a good sci-fi movie that uses tropes that you've seen before, but it handles them fairly well. Tom Cruise once again brings his A game to the movie, and shows no signs of slowing down as a leading man. 
Are you an effective team?  
Grade: B+

 Tom:  "I want to talk to you about the Warlord Xenu.  Let me in." 
 Yes, Tom Cruise flies around in a penis ship.  Kind of strange. 
 I love the design of the Tet.  It has a 2001 look to it.  I also like how it looms over the Earth. 


Anonymous said...

I had zero intent to see this movie, but I respect your opinion so now I will see it. - PG

Semaj said...

Thanks, I hope you like it. comment here with your thoughts.

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