Monday, February 27, 2017

Great Star Trek TNG Moment

Great Star Trek TNG Moment
I went into a Meijer store and went into a bathroom that completely smelled like a Weed Bomb exploded inside. Basically someone smoked a whole joint in the men's restroom stall. I didn't want anyone to think I was the guy that smoked the joint.
Anyway, I went inside the actual store and walked passed a guy working on the floor in the store. His cell phone ringed and I noticed a familiar sound...something from my childhood. It was the transporter sound from TNG. Yes, I know which show the sound effect came from. I smiled and chuckled.
I walked pass him and commented, "Nice transporter effect."
He laughed and thanked me.
We just had a Star Trek moment.
Keep in mind I also noticed the MGS sound effects on phones too. I have a Yee and Transformers themes on my phone, but the TNG transporter effect is just plain cool.  

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