Thursday, February 16, 2017

Where's Chris Chan? AKA Where's Waldo?

Where's Chris Chan? AKA Where's Waldo?

Thanks to Kiwi Farms for posting this gem. This was an LGBTQ event. Instead of staying at home and begging for money, he actually left the house.
Chris Chan now considers himself a part of this community despite the truly horrible things he said about the gay community, especially gay men. He had a story line his comics that had his characters curing the “gay gene”. I am not making this up. Yet, the community still accepts him with open arms. I still remember his views on black people...oh, boy.
Once you find him, please note all the strange expressions of the people around him. Chris doesn't bathe on a regular basis, so he smells really bad. Take note of their expressions and feel bad for the people around him.

I've always been fascinated by Chris because I could have turned out similar to him give a terrible series of events.   

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