Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bugged GF Sleeping Mechanics

DSP, that is amazing. I've been on the Internet for a long time and this even shocked me. because he was hungry, he woke up his sick girlfriend to make his dinner. Really? How shitty can you be? If I had a girlfriend, I would not demand she make a dinner for me regardless of her health. I can make my own food, damn it. If she is sick, how about letting her sleep in? Order takeout? What kills me is the entitlement in his voice. 
After the incident with him jerking off on a live stream accidentally, I started researching into why people hated him so much.
Keep in mind I don't like her either and I think they make a good shitty couple. From what I can read from his Kiwi Farm post, his GF wants to get married and he keeps putting it off. I am not a fan of marriage, but if your girlfriend moves to a different state and moves into a house with with you, you might want to marry her. (This is coming from a guy that HATES marriage and never wants to get married.) She's a keeper. 
Ladies, he's taken.

He seems to use his family, friends and even his girlfriend. And, then there are his fans. I'd be grateful had this many loyal fans. The fact he doesn't consider to make his own dinner considering his GF is sick shows how much he is self-entitled to things. "Make me food, because I play VG for a living."
By the way, check out the time he attacked his fans for NOT showing up and watching him play Pokemon. Yes, that's how you keep your fan base, DSP.

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