Thursday, February 02, 2017

Young Justice Returning (Season 3)

Young Justice Returning (Season 3)
I am a big DC guy and I was unhappy when Young Justice was canceled. I really dug the animation and the way they focused on the younger characters in the DC universe without making it too goofy like the Teen Titans. Plus, we got to see the main DC characters show up for good measure unlike Teen Titans. 
From Mobile & App, ((A lot of superhero fans were delighted when Warner Bros. Animation officially announced that they will, in fact, be coming out with a brand new season for their animated television series, "Young Justice." This is very good news for fans as the show was originally thought to have been canceled following the conclusion of its second season back in 2013. ))
2013? Damn, that feels like a long time ago.
So, why was YJ canceled? Toy Sales? Sort of. But, you can blame the Green Lantern movie for the cancellation. From Comic Book , ((Since the Green Lantern movie bombed big time at the box office, retailers didn't want any more Green Lantern toys, and it turns out the Young Justice and GL: TAS toys were bundled with the Green Lantern movie toys, so with one out of the picture, so goes all the others. ))

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