Tuesday, February 07, 2017

The True Devil in Miss Jones

Woman preforms sexual act outside the courtroom
Damn, Tommy is right. It seems very cringe-y that her parents know about the incident. However, are they aware of her Twitter page? Holy crap. I am certain she will be into professional porn soon enough. I am almost certain of it. (remember that library chick?)

She kind of reminds me of a smaller Pinky (the pornstar and not the cartoon character). Of all the places to do something crazy, why pick a courthouse? That's like setting a fire in front of a firehouse. You're going to get caught. She then streamed it on social media just to get herself in trouble. Why do people keep doing this? 
I've been blogging for a long time and I remember when women would get nude photos leaked onto the Internet against their will.  And, they were embarrassed by it.  NOW, women actively post sex videos on the Internet on purpose and promote it on their Twitter and FB pages.  
She is a piece work though, because she WANTS money for an interview with her. Yeah, it is not worth it. So don't give her money, press.

And, don't get it twisted she has said some shitty things in the past via her Facebook page. And, I am not talking about her sexual acts on her twitter page but some racist stuff about mixed people.  I would say "go f' yourself", but she actually does that in her Twitter videos.  I am not making this up...with machines. 
While I am not going to link to the actual video, you can find it on PornHub or other porn sites under her name.
Yes, this happened in Florida. Are you shocked? 
The kicker of the story now is that the police are on the “hunt” for the two people that did the sexual acts outside the courtroom.
From the New York Post, ((Police are on the hunt for Brittney Jones, 26, and Jeremiah Isiah Robinson, 35, the man she performed the sex act on at the Duval County Courthouse on Jan. 31, Action News in Jacksonville reported. ))
Side Note, the guy surrendered to the court, but she is still on the lose.

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