Tuesday, February 07, 2017

More news on Digital Homcide and Sterling

Digital Homicide at it again
It is sad that this company keeps on coming after Jim Sterling. If you remember, Digital Homicide sued a bunch of users on Steam for millions of dollars. Steam threw DH off of the platform in response. Then we heard they were dropping their lawsuit against the Steam users and sort of hinted they were going to drop their suit against Sterling. (Plus, dropping out of games...kind of)
 After the battle between Sterling and DH, they went after Sterling. From Twoleftsticks.com, ((The first came in March of 2016 when the game developer tried to sue game reviewer and critic Jim Sterling. In that lawsuit, the developer accused Jim Sterling of assault, liable, and slander, and sought $10 million in damages. While that lawsuit — as of last September — remains active, Digital Homicide dropped the lawsuit against Steam users. Subsequently, the controversy forced the studio to shut its doors. ))
So, yeah they are re-shaping their lawsuit to come after Sterling again. I find it sad on the part of DH to hold this grudge against Sterling so long even to the point that it hurts their business. Why not just drop it and hedge your bets? DH, just let it go. 
I hope Sterling wins just so some of these indie develops not get so butthurt and take the criticism in stride.   
Just check out this video on the subject.

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