Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Skee-Lo “I wish”

Skee-Lo “I wish”
I remember really digging this song back in the day. I always wanted to know why we didn't hear more from Skee-Lo. Yet, this song was a huge hit for him. Plus, this song has been used in a lot of ads. He has made some major coin from this song.
I kind of like the Will Smith vibe he has with his lyrics because he tells stories with each verses. This song is a reverse brag-based rap song, which makes it a nice standout from the rest. Growing up, I was that odd man out sort of guy that didn't have the luck with the ladies or had a nice car. I wasn't very athletic or a smooth talker. I simply got ignored or made fun of by the ladies. So, this song was my anthem.

-Forest Gump reference: Okay, I like what he is doing here with him being the Forest Gump character on the bench.
-The music is a good mix with some nice record scratches thrown in for good measure.
-Throw the Basketball Away: I love when he throws the basketball away after he's mad. That always makes me laugh.

There is a sweet mashup Cher Lloyd's song I Wish. Check it out.
And, check out this cover of the song.

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