Saturday, June 25, 2016

The NEW Ghostbuster Theme (sigh)

The NEW Ghostbuster Theme (sigh)
I actually likes all four versions of the GB theme from the movies up to the cartoon. Ray Parker Jr's theme song is corny, but really fun and catchy. This Fallout Boy version is not very good. I came to this conclusion after listening to it after three listens. It feels like something out of the mid-2000s more than anything else. 
Was this an out of touch exec at Sony's decision to green light this shitty song?
Ghostbuster is a funny movie with some catchy tunes. Heck, I loved the Bobby Brown theme "On Our Own".
It feels like Sony is trying to troll us with is remake. While I liked all the trailers, I can see why the fans aren't buying this movie. I will see it even if the reviews are bad. However, this remake song feels bland just like the current trend of pop music today. It doesn't bold well for the movie.
Here are a few videos from the GB themes. Enjoy...

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