Sunday, June 12, 2016

Captain America: Civil War (Part 3 of 3)

-Scarlet Witch: Yeah, she has gone through a lot between Avengers II and this movie. She lost her brother and killed a bunch of people trying to protect her friends. I like that they keep hinting that she is unpredictable with her powers.
-Black Widow: For all the bitching that went on about this character in Avengers II, no one should call her weak in this movie. While she isn't in it that much, she has an important moment at the end of the second act. It makes sense.
-The Vision played by Paul Bettany : Okay, I like seeing the sweater version of the Vision. He has more to do here despite the fact he's not the center of the story . There are some funny moments with him that Paul Bettany handling it rather well. His relationship with SW is handled extremely well too and built upon the last Avengers movie. I love that Bettany still plays him as a guy that is merely a few months old and still doesn't have a handle on his feelings on SW.
The Russo Brothers kept the movie/story going with only a few slow points. However, some of those slower points do in fact stand out. unlike Avengers 2, these slower moments aren't as painful as the farm scenes in Avengers 2.
Due to the larger superhero roster, some of the more modern day spy stuff people loved in the second Cap movie isn't really in this movie as much. This is more of a superhero movie with certain spy elements carried over and a more personal story weaved into the third act.
The special effects are really good for this movie. I loved seeing Spider-Man and team Iron-Man take on Giant-Man. The CGI is pretty much seamless with the practical stunts and effects. However, most Marvel movies look good when it comes to special effects.
Henry Jackman has come back to score the film. It is a completely different style of music from his 24-ish genre type score from Winter Soldier. I like the direction he took here with the symphonic tone. This new score sounds akin to the scores from traditional superhero movies and even has a classical tone to some of themes. Winter Soldier's sore has grown on me, but this score is better and much cleaner.
One of my biggest gripes with the movie are the shaky camera shots. They were a problem in action movies in the early 2000s and I hate seeing that technique creeping into current movies. I really didn't notice it in their second Marvel outing, but it is noticeable in Civil War. I hate it because it takes away from stunt work and special effects. Leave this shit for the video games.
despite its minor problems, the movie handles both sides of the argument fairly well. However, I am more on the side of Cap than Stark. As I've gotten older, I have moved from left to the center with a view of government being too big and overreaching. It makes since to see why Cap would be against the UN tying the Avengers' hands. Too much red tape would slow them down and might cost them lives. Stark has a point and too, He sees firsthand why there needs to be oversight. It doesn't make him a trust villain.
Overall, this is a pure Marvel movie fun with some serious overtones that don't bog down the fun stuff. The writers and directors know how to balance out the script. The acting is top notch and the movie plot runs along at a brisk pace with only a few filler bits here and there. The Russo brothers outdid themselves and further build upon the strong and rich MCU. I can't wait to see them work on the a proper Avengers movie. You've impressed me here. It is time to step up your game, DC.
Grade: A-

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