Thursday, June 09, 2016

Neil Breen: The best actor/director/writer...ever

Neil Breen: The best actor/director/writer...ever
After watching YMS' review of his film, I feel bad that I missed out of the sheer badness of his “movies”.
Neil Breen, not to be confused with the helmet wearing aliens from DS9, is a guy with a little bit of money deciding he wanted to make “movies”. He is like a cross between Chuck Norris and Shaq (90s era) , but worst. Then, you throw in a dash of William Shatner for extra flavor. And, yes, the man has his own IMDB and wiki pages. If Tommy Wiseau had a younger brother, this guy would be it.
I have never laughed this hard before. 
Plus, it seems his movies all have a dislike toward laptops. As a laptop user, I am offended, sir. #Laptop Lives Matter, son.
And, his twitter page is NOTHING but him spamming his upcoming new movie Pass Thru. Everything is about his new movie on his damn twitter page. Damn, I love this guy. And, like a bad case of dragon-scale here is the new trailer for his latest masterpiece Pass Thru.
From what I can gather, Breen causes a reverse Rapture by taking away all the bad people. And, this movie has a Occupy Wall Street feel to it...which is about five years too late. Way to go, Breen.

Perhaps, this is what the Breen in DS9 looked like under that suit...

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