Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chris Jericho's first appearance on WWF (Raw is Jericho)

Chris Jericho's first appearance on WWF (Raw is Jericho)
What a great introduction for Jericho. Having him interrupt The Rock was the best debut I've seen on WWF. I knew Jericho was on WCW and watched him a few times, but he never got that push over there due to the older talent stealing the spotlight from the younger talent.
WWF kept having a vague build up to his introduction by having the jumbo-tron glitch with a take on the Y2K bug. And, they called him the Y2J as he was a living glitch himself. And, it all went down on this night.
It is interesting that he talks badly about WWF in the Attitude Era, but Jericho's argument is clearly more in tune with the current WWE PG era. I loved the Attitude Era because of spots like this. It is brilliant way of introducing a new heel,and sticking it to WCW. I loved selfish of the talent during this era and that no one was really a good guy really.
Jericho really fit into the WWF Attitude Era fairly well I felt. And, this was a great start. I also enjoyed hearing The Rock dress down Jericho in his counter response. 
Note: It seems some people in the crowd knew Jericho was coming from WCW to WWF. I also like that Jericho pretends to hear the crowd cheering for him instead of The Rock.

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