Saturday, June 04, 2016

Star Wars: Online Auction

Star Wars: Online Auction
Given my fondness for nostalgia, (I just got a big bag of Bazooka Bubble gum. Take that childhood), a guy working for told me about some items on sell on their website.
Basically, these guys are an online auction group. The Invaluable team got in touch with me because they knew I was a Star Wars fan and they were auctioning off some of the actual props from the Star Wars franchise. I checked out what they had on the online auction block and was surprised to see some of the actual props from the SW franchise there.  I am not getting paid for this and doing this because it interest me to talk about some of the items.  
Prototype for Vader's Helmet: This was one of the more final helmet designs for Vader's helmet for A New Hope (originally called just Star Wars). There seems to be some modification from this prototype and the filming one. But it is a good look at history. Check out an entire website discussing the changes to Vader's helmet right here. (His uniform and helmet change between A New Hope and Empire).
They also have a Star Wars section on old memorabilia. Check out some of their Kenner SW action figures. I had a few back in the day, and these action figures spawned the GI Joe ones later. I also loved the TNG action figures that came out in the late 80s too, but it started with the SW ones from 70s and early 80s. I love the Bespin Security guard.  
 Now find me that Bespin Ice Cream guy...


And, many of the items are the actual miniatures from the movie, such as my favorite the Blockade Runner, which made an appearance in Star Wars rebels. This is the very first ship shown on screen, and this ship type makes an appearance in Jedi.  I love this ship. 

The Jabba the Hutt Maquette: This is the one of the models that they based the massive suit on in Return of the Jedi. You can see this model in a few SW Making Of series on Jedi.

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