Saturday, June 25, 2016

I mean really?

Because I am an asshole, I sometimes don't like having interactions with human beings. Today, I had to visit the IRS for some paperwork. I realized I probably didn't have enough pocket change to fill the meter for a long time, so I went to one of the local car washes in the West End. As I pulled up, a homeless man/crackhead saw my car. He looked over at me and waited...waited for me to get out of my car. He was going to bother me and ask me for money. I know the look and the way beggers behave.
I got pissed because I knew he was going to bother me in my current bad mood. So, I sat there in my car and didn't move the car up or out. I just sat there with the engine running, hoping this guy would get bored and get the hint that I wasn't going to interact with him.
Nope. He just stood there waiting for me to pull up and get out of the car. It was a good minute and a half before I did anything. The guy had the balls to think I was going to be his big ticket.
So, I just pulled away from the car wash and just didn't bother because I didn't want to interact with him.
I do want to know what he thought of me simply giving up and leaving? 
If I had more time, I should have sat there as long as possible just to piss him off.  

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