Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Random Things

Random Things

~Surgery Time: It looks like my heart is rather weak, so I am going in to have a defibrillator installed into my body. I am not even 40 years old yet and I have to deal with heart problems for the rest of my life. I kept healthy and didn't touch drugs or drink and this still happened. And, the best part is I didn't even have blockage in body that normally happens with people with my condition. At this point, I am a little tired of all the bad news I am getting about my health. Plus, they had to increase my medication, so I am feeling more and more slowed down. I don't even do the ride-share thing as much due to depression and feeling tired. I am certainly at a low point mentally, after the surgery I am going to seek some help. I hope things turn around after the surgery. Look, I am lucky to be alive because I nearly died, and someone had a father die from the same condition I had around the same time.

~Bill O'Reilly takes a moderate stance on gun control: It is a shame that it took an extremist idiot to get him to change his stance. I am for people owning guns and people defending themselves. People who are going to cause you harm aren't going to care about legal gun laws. However, we don't need high powered guns to defend ourselves. It is a bit overboard. I generally take a moderate stance of this thing. I think O'Reilly will promptly forget about this.
~Gator grabs kid and kills him: Guess which state this happened in? Despite the horrible thing that happened at the nightclub. A lot of f'ed up stuff happens in Florida. A gator literally came out of the water and grab this kid and took him away. That is truly messed up. Alligators are some of the meanest creatures on the planet. 


Manuel Costa said...

very good !
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MC said...

Sorry to read about the new challenges you've been facing lately. Like you, I'd been hoping that your recovery from those problems would be much smoother than this.

Wishing you have the best of outcomes from all this.

Semaj said...

It is trying at times and I still have even more Doc visits,back to back. Now there is something wrong with my eye, Plus, I have a thing to deal with my local gov. Though it is more red tape than anything else.

Hopefully next year will be better

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