Thursday, June 16, 2016

Re-post of Sonic and Michael Jackson

Re-post of Sonic and Michael Jackson
I am re-posting this for a friend/co-worker. I mentioned the Sonic 3 stuff and MJ. Game Trailers (RIPD) did this in depth video on the controversy behind the Michael Jackson composing. Sega has ALWAYS claimed that MJ's music was removed from the final product of Sonic 3. GT actually got in contact with someones involved in the Sega company that flat out says that a lot of tracks by MJ were kept in the game. Also, Sega didn't have any of the stages that used MJ's music from Sonic 3 in their Generations game...hmm.
Sega won't even comment on this, which seems odd because they would work with MJ again for Space Channel 5 (parts 1 and 2). Though, I heard MJ jumped ship for Sony's original PlayStation for their launch. Given his falling out with Sony, he would later come back to Sega for the Dreamcast era.
Later, one of MJ producers/musicians released a song called Hard Times by The Jetzons. Brad Buxer, the producer, worked on Sonic 3 with MJ and helped write some of the songs. Buxer was a member of The Jetzons. MJ was influenced by the bass-line in the song for his later stuff like Smooth Criminal.

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