Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Can you hear me now...on Sprint? (Paul Switched)

Can you hear me now...on Sprint? (Paul Switched)
The pitchman for Verizon is now doing ads for Sprint. And, he even mentions that he USED to work for Verizon. This is a huge middle finger to Verizon. He literally was the face of Verizon for years until they dropped him. I think he was a bit bitter about that. I love this sort of throwing the gauntlet down type of advertising. 

From Fast Co-Create.com, (("We reached out to Paul, and talked to him about the progress we've made with our network," says Tovar. "He's obviously been around the industry for a long time, so we asked him to try our service to see what he thought. He was impressed, so we asked how he'd feel about being more than a customer and doing a campaign with us." ))
So, how does Verizon feel about the brand switch from their guy. From the Chicago Tribune, ((Verizon vice president Jeffrey Nelson said the largest wireless carrier had little to say about the pitchman's new advertising gig other than "Paul's a great guy." ))
Then, Verizon came back with a major roast toward Sprint, ouch.
From Technobufflo.com ((Well, yeah, Verizon heard it loud and clear, and it offered up a mighty burn for Sprint with its response. “They’re using our 2002 pitchman because they’re finally catching up to our 2002 network,” ))
I liked Sprint dancing chick, but my heart still belongs to the AT&T chick. 

Can we bring back that Stoner from Dell ads for IBM or something? I mean he's still around and stuff.

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