Thursday, July 16, 2015

Suicide Squad Comic Con trailer Thoughts

This is the trailer shown at Comic Con.  A bunch of riders told me about this trailer a few days ago and I was drawn to watch it.  So, here it is. 

Damn you, DC.  This trailer actually looks good.  It certainly has a grittier feel than the Marvel stuff.  Actually, it has a similar tone to the Punisher series.  David Ayer has that realistic direction and you can see and feel that all over this trailer.  The reports are this film is very dark. 

I love that we’re seeing a team of bad guys working for somewhat good guys (not really good).  That’s whole point of the Suicide Squad.  It also seems DC is taking a more established universe approach to their world building.  Everything seems to be already in place without much of an origin story.  It is a different take than Marvel and I am okay with that. 

Okay, DC, the ball is in your court.  You have me interested. 

-Man of Steel:  I do like that we get a mention of Superman. This opens up the DC universe a bit more in the same manner as Marvel. 

- Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn:  Harley is one of my favorite characters to come out of the 90s Batman series.  I’m so glad they’re using her here.  I know some people hate that DC is using the more stripper outfit, but it looks like she has different outfits. 

- Ben Affleck’s Batman:  In a different suit it seem…I’m guessing it will be more of a extended cameo than anything else.  I do like that the suitis different from the BVS version. 

- Jared Leto’s Joker:  I’ll take a wait and see approach.  But, I like his appearance. 
- Viola Davis as Amanda Waller:  Waller is an important player in DC and Davis is a good choice.  Something tells me we will probably see her in the Justice League too. 

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