Wednesday, July 08, 2015

John Wick

John Wick 
 Man, this movie is very violent and action-filled. It is probably the direction we all wanted the Matrix movies to to go. There are some silly moments, like the hotel for assassins, it doesn't take away for the sheer fun of the movie. It feels like a really cool video game come to life.
Keanu Reeves kills a bunch of people. Enough said.
First off, the movie centers on a cute dog getting killed by Theon Greyjoy (yes, Theon is in this movie with a Russian accent). It is very difficult for me to watch the scene, because the dog is so damn cute. However, this what sets John Wick off.
The movie does feel like an updated version from that era of 70s revenge flicks. One man takes on an army of bad guys with guns and explosions.
The music is horrific and feels like the rejected B-side to the Matrix movies. It's a lot of pumping techno and butt rock music that makes it feel more like a movie from the early 2000s. It is by far the weakest aspect of this movie and it does harm it in some ways. Why would they rehash the The Matrix soundtrack with shitty butt-rock and dance music?
As I wrote before the secret hotel for assassins is a bit goofy and feels like something from those shitty assassin movies from the 2000s. There seems to be this league of hit-men and women that have certain rules that can't be broken. John Wick sort of gets back into the game, but these scenes really don't work well with the revenge story.
The action scenes for the most part are well directed and steady. You get to see wick drive around killing people with his car and shooting people at the same time. Plus, there are some impressive cast members surround the movie as well.
Keanu Reeves plays the character rather restrained, but he is prefect in the role. This is probably his best role since the first Matrix movie. The movie has some goofy parts, but the bloody action scenes are the real stars of the movie. And, it totally feels like an action video game. This is what the Hitman and Max Payne movies should have been. It's R-rated and a lot of fun.
Grade: B+
You will pay the iron price for this car. 

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