Thursday, July 09, 2015

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
 ~Donald Trump: You know I hate this prick, but I also love him at the same time. I love the fact he's entered the presidential race, because it makes the Republican side into a total clown show now. He's the toxic element that will turn people off from the right. He keeps saying some of the dumbest things that are right out of the old GOP handbook, but with a dumb slant. While I hate Clinton, she's a better choice over what the right has to offer. Trump in the race just helps her as long as she doesn't say anything stupid. 
 ~Bill Cosby is Done: He's revealed that he's used drugs on women in an unsealed case. This is a total bombshell in my opinion. What is frightening is that he's been drugging and raping women for decades and got away with it. I think it's all finally coming to head here and hopefully he'll be charged. And, I hope the survivors help with the criminal cases and not the civil ones. This man needs to be off the street, in jail and not sued. As I stated before, this has really put me into check, because politically he and I used to see eye to eye on black problems. 
 ~Ariana Grande and Donuts: I really couldn't care that she hates America. I just can't stand her attitude. Watching that video, I shoot my head just for the rudeness more than anything else. Plus, she has that goofy bandana guy that just screams Dude/Bro D-bag. I think she has a good voice and is stunning to look at. I just didn't want the annoying “hot girl” attitude to go with it. Let's just say I've run into that attitude a lot lately, and it is really annoying. As far as licking donuts, maybe she's practicing for a lesbian relationship?


MC said...

Even better... the ripples of the rumor mill are saying Trump is thinking of running as an independent.

Semaj said...

oh, shit. This is going to be an interesting race, and he'll funnel votes off the GOP runners. Damn

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