Monday, July 13, 2015

Batman V Superman extended trailer

Batman V Superman extended trailer
Okay, you got me hooked now. The Comic Con trailer is a far better trailer than the teaser/trailers we've seen so far. We get more of why Batman is pissed off at Superman. 
 -Tie into the first movie: We see a building falling. I am guessing this is a flashback to the final battle in Man of Steel. Wayne is pissed with the fact Superman really didn't care about the people.
-Wayne running toward the falling building: Brilliant, that shows what kind of person he is.
-Holly Hunter: She is listed as a Senator on IMDB. I like her as an actress and I had no idea she was in the movie.
-The body of Zod: Are going to see Luthor use his DNA to make a super villain?
-Is that hair on Luthor's head a wig? Where's Otis? I'm joking.
-Wonder Woman: She looks good and I love the sword and shield. That's very Kingdom Come of her.
-The red capes are coming: The worst lines in the trailer though.

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