Monday, July 20, 2015


 Fury is one of those WWII movies that totally kicks ass. It is bloody, creepy and just an all around good action flick. There are some surprisingly epic battles and each one is interesting in their own right. The movie is full of battles and bloody scenes, and it has some serious subject matters.
David Ayer is the director and his work is outstanding here. The action scenes aren't shaky and the edits are clean cut. Even his non-action scenes aren't boring. When Bitt and another soldier encounters two women in an apartment, there is so much tension that it kept me at the edge of my seat.
Fury turns into an all out epic battle in the third act. And, it is a glorious battle.
-Brad Pitt is an bad ass in this movie. Sure he's in another WWII movie just like Inglourious Basterds , but I like him more in this movie. But, they are similar roles. Sometimes you don't know where he is going with his character. His character has a dark side, but does seem to care about his men under his command. Pitt is just an all around great actor.
-Tank Battles: I love the tank to tank battles in this movie. The way each team member has to work together to move and fire a tank is very interesting to watch.
-Shia LaBeouf : Okay, he's pretty good in the movie and barely recognizable. I guess he just needs a good director. Reportedly, Shia didn't shower for most of the filming of the movie. He almost got in a fight with a fellow actor while filming too. And, it seems he kept in character in most of the movie.
-Don't be a SS officer: In real life and in the movie, American soldiers hated SS officers and showed them no mercy. The movie does a good job showing how much the soldiers loathed SS guys.
Now, this is a tank movie I can get behind. I enjoyed the movie a lot and I think you'll like it too. Because it is a WWII movie, you know it won't have an uplifting ending. However, give the movie a chance.
Grade: B+

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