Monday, July 13, 2015

Random Things

Random Things
~Went back for another funeral in Memphis: This has been a very bad year for me. This was my third time having someone die in my family. This was another uncle, but I wasn't really that close to him. He was the younger brother of my father. Michael was his name. He worked for Bell South (ATT) for years. His health started to decline a few years back and his mind started to go. While I wasn't that close to him, having three people I grew up knowing pass away has kind of sent me into a deeper depression. I am now unbearable to be around at work. And, I think there will be a few more family members dying off due to poor health and substance abuse in the coming months. I am certain of it.
~Swingers: I had one of the most unconformable rides ever last night. I took this couple to downtown from the east end. I picked them up at higher end house. There were four of them. The wives were very attractive and the guys were good looking.
They were already messed up with booze and I had to tell them they couldn't have open beer in the car. They were a little upset about that. As I drove them to the city, they decided to reveal that they were swinging tonight and they were going to trade up their spouses. And, the women were extremely sexed up and asked me if I ever had people have sex in my back car. I thought, please don't start having sex in my car. They also kept asking me about my relationship status and other personal things. I almost felt like they were trying to recruit me in their bumping ugly crusade. I mean the whole group of them were horny and very revealing about what they planned to do. It was a strange ride indeed. I guess this is what good looking people do. (Now, driving around some really attractive Latina women was my highlight of my night though, because they were extremely nice and chill. I loved hearing them speak Spanglish.)
~Nintendo President dies: While I hate the direction the company has gone in the last ten years, I am saddened to hear about Satoru Iwata. He was only 55 years old. Cancer has really taken away a lot people in my life, so I understand. Does this mean Nintendo will take a different direction with a new president? I actually got the news from one of my riders a few hours ago.

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