Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Drive while black

There have been some videos recently of black people, like myself being pulled over.  And, I see they the way they're handling things. 
First off, the same police rules don't apply to us. We are considered the enemy regardless of the action we take. Cops are always going to be a little bit more trigger happy than say a white person. They're looking for a reason to arrest us. Don't give them one.
Don't argue with them: We'll always lose no matter what. Remember, you're the enemy in their eyes and want nothing more than to arrest you. 
Yes, it shouldn't have to be this way, but this is reality.  
It's tragic to see Sam DuBose get shot and killed like that. But, WE have to be the ones to control the situation. We have to be aware that at any moment that cop is going to arrest or shoot you. He probably going to jail anyway, but he had to power to keep the situation calm by just complying with the officer. If you were wrongly arrested, sue them. Don't argue with the officer, because you will never win. They don't like us. We have to be the ones in control of our lives.
I remember the process LeVar Burton says he does each time he gets pulled over. We need to follow this every time.

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